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Serving our veterans and their families since 2012.

While our goal is to get every disabled veteran that wants to enjoy the outdoors, into the outdoors, we are open to all veterans and their family.

If you want to connect with us and other veterans, click the Outdoor Sports Match link below and register.


Veterans Outdoor World (VOW) was founded in 2012 by disabled veteran Lance Hoefs.  His vision is to make sure any disabled veteran that wants to get out into the outdoors to hunt, fish, hike, or just commune with nature is able to do so.

VOW is a 100% volunteer organization and with the help of fellow veterans and non-veteran volunteers, many veterans have benefitted from Lance’s vision.

Since the organizations beginning back in 2012, close to 100 veterans, that wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity, have hunted deer, turkey, grouse, coyote, duck and goose.

VOW has also given over 1,000 veterans and their families an opportunity to go fishing, both open water and ice.